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Lars Overgaard



I am an experienced Technical Project Manager, Technical Lead and Software Developer, and I am always deeply involved in the actual development work. I have a solid academical background and wide experience in production and construction optimization systems.

I value high quality communication between people. I favor “keep it simple”. I am very goal oriented but I always seek the optimal balance between short term and long term achievements.

My enthusiasm and ability to never give up has proven invaluable during the design, implementation, marketing, and support of several large industrial software/hardware products.

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es80 Erik Salling



I see myself as a generalist. I love to participate in the whole software development process. From idea and specifications, through programming to test, and finally in the implementation at the end user.

I like the combination of mathematics, software architecture, technology and the requirements from the users. Software is important, but it is not the key element itself. Software is the glue that binds together the hardware, the process and the user - and makes it useable.

I like programming very much, but the goal is to see the final result working in the field - and that's the drive behind my work: Helping people in their daily work by making userfriendly software.

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Soren Søren Holm



I am an experienced Software Developer with a very broad range of expertise. I work very efficiently and I favor agile methods and fast prototyping. I am a team player and I can take responsibility and work on my own, as well.

I cover everything from hardware-near to high-level programming. I have been responsible for firmware development for several electronic devices and I have contributed substantially to several large software systems.

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GlenGlen Seested




Morten Morten Overgaard



I am a newly graduated Master of Science in Robot Technology (Cand. Polyt.) from 2019 with a specialization in Advanced Robotics. My main focus areas are software development and programming. I have a good theoretical and practical understanding of algorithms.

I am quality conscious and dedicated to the tasks given. I have a good understanding of problems and systems, and is quick to familiarize.

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LennartLennart Pedersen